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“Guys today we ve got the views expire. Fpv headset so i haven t seen seen many reviews of this thing with drones so we re out here. We re to do a field test with the typhoon h. Pro.

So what i love about this headset is it s got a really nice wide 55 degree field of view. And it s got this really nice visor here top and bottom. Which is also removable. So if you do have glasses or it s getting a bit hot you can remove this visor.

I ve already worn it and it s quite comfortable let s just run through some of the physical. Features that i m seeing right here. It s a really cool black with a nice green stripe. Which is nice the build quality feels really really nice.

But yeah that the thing i like about this as well is the noise cancelling headphones. It s got this cool strap here at the top that is adjustable. I got quite a big head pumpkin head..


They call me we ve got our volume control as well as brightness control here at the back so when it s on your head. You can easily feel you know. This has got a little bulge here for the sort of a plus and minus. And then your volumes here so that s great you can adjust all your settings.

There so those are the features i like of this headset off the bat and the main thing that we we came here for is to fly the drone so and we do this via the hdmi cable. Here. It s also got a usb cable. So that you can charge whilst flying the headset.

So i think you get about three hours of flight time with battery life in the headset. But this works with the inspire controller via an adapter to go from hdmi. Large to the mini and that this full size just works straight into the back of the sd 16 controller and we ve already tested it. But we re gonna test it again right now so let s get it up in the air and go for a fly.

So we just had a fly with the music s i wear and this thing is really amazing. It is really bright being able to adjust the brightness here at the back at the flick of the button is really nice. It s a little bit dark you can just crank the brightness up a little bit..


If it s too bright pull it back down. I really like that i ve also got a filter on there so that again took out a lot of glare from the sun. So it was really nice really nice color on the screen. The visors amazing really comfortable on the face.

While flying for an extended period of time keeping that sun out quite nice adjustable headset very comfortable it s got a nice piece of foam here as well the one thing. I will say about this you are gonna get some latency flying these systems they re not perfect. The light bridge can get interference. And you re not going to get zero latency ever you re always going to get a couple of milliseconds maybe more depending.

If there s rf interference in the area same with the the typhoon h. Pro. The range isn t as good as the nspire so as soon as this thing gets a bit out of your distance latency increases. And you know you do a pan and it s a little bit delayed which you can see on the screen.

So you have to be really careful of your surroundings. That you re not flying too tight over so you know over objects that if you ve got that latency and you re too close bang you hit a tree so it s really nice to stay out and fly fpv and really nice expensive open areas like this over ocean over fields away from people these also have head tracking so if you did want to do the tilt. You can do a head tracking with these things as well has that capabilities..


I m not a huge fan of head tracking. I did head tracking on the zeiss vr. Once it just feels weird it doesn t feel right to me. If you re a drone pilot.

You re flying on the sticks. It s weird like you re doing this and it s not comfortable you just want to be flying in a nice comfortable chair like this let your fingers let the tilt. Do the maneuver without moving your neck and weird physicians. So yeah.

I m not a fan of head tracking personally for drones cool for augmented reality and vr and that not for drones not for me. Anyway all in all guys. This is a really amazing headset for 499 comes in this great case. I m gonna be using this thing flying you know i can watch movies through my ipad my desktop.

I can also work and just have a full massive screen. I think it s equivalent to 125 inch screen in a tiny headset so that s like having a mobile home theater system as well as the headphones. Adjust the volume..


This thing isn t just. An fpv headset virtual reality home theater show this to clients show hey check out this footage. I got you know flying down. The malibu coast put the headset on them.

And they re just gonna be immersed in this crazy flying experience like like they re they re like that inside the drone. So that s it guys. That s my review and flight test of the music s i wear fpv. Headset i really love it great for multiple uses 499.

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