Weider Olympic Hammertone 210 lb Weight Set Review!

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“Everyone what s up tyler here and in today s video. I m gonna be be reviewing the wieder olympic hammer tone 210 pound weight set and now you guys be asking tyler. Why in the world are you reviewing a 210 pound weight. Set.

Well. The answer is that it is new years and like many other people i want to get back in shape. And i know i ve said it for many years before but this year. I m for real because i just need to get back in shape.

I would like to get back where i was in college. If not better than that and i believe that if i stick to a good workout plan..

Eat right and just be dedicated and discipline myself this weight set can really help me achieve those goals. And so with this weight set you re gonna get a lot of different weights. You re gonna get two two and a half pound weights for five pound weights 210 pound weights 225 pound weights and 235 pound weights and then you re also going to get one 7 foot long bar. And that bar is 45 pounds.

And the diameter on the bar is 2 inches for the spots. Where you slide on the weights. And then after you put weights on the bar. You get two collars that way you make sure the weights don t fall off the bar.

Now i m really glad they broke up the weights. And do multiple different sizes..

Instead of just a couple bigger weights. Because different exercises require different amounts of weights. Some need a log lighter weight some need a lot heavier and i really like that there s just a wide variety of sizes. And then one another thing that i really like is that the weights have these nice handle grips you can grab them on whatever spot.

You can see and they re just a lot easier to hold and transport and carry around and to slide on and off the bar. Whenever they have these grips because i ve used all before this i ve used pretty much just regular weights that just have a lip on one side. They don t have these cutouts. They don t have the handle grips and you can get by and you can kind of shimmy them on to where you need them to go.

But there have always been record. But these grips make weight handling ten times easier a lot quicker and you just get a better grip..

And you don t have the chance of it falling out of your hands. Now one of my favorite things about using a bigger bar with weights is that it evenly distributes the weight across your body. Because the problem is with dumbbells is that sometimes whenever your your exercises you end up. Doing one of these and one arms higher than the other and you re just not working out your muscles equally.

But with a bar you have restricted movement that way your body is working in unison. And it s just it s a better way to work out your body evenly and i just like it better. So this product is fairly straightforward to use you lift the bar up put the weight on put your collar on that way your weights. Don t slide around and you use the bar and the collars make sure nothing shakes around the bar is very sturdy and honestly.

It s one of the highest quality bars. I ve used and i ve used a few and the weights are top of the line..

They re solid and so i would definitely recommend this wieder olympic hammer tune 210 pound weight set if you re serious about getting some high quality weights. I ll put the link to sears website down in the description. Where you guys can see some more information about it and so that s gonna be it for this video hopefully you guys did enjoy it if you did smash that thumbs up button also remember to subscribe for more videos from me. And let me know down in the comment section.

Below. If you have any fitness goals for 2016 love to hear about them. And if i stick to the weight plan stick to the exercising using the weight set eating right i m sure i can reach my goals and hopefully you guys can reach your goals as well here in 2016 and beyond and that s it thank you guys again so much for watching you guys are awesome and we ll ” ..


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