What s New Amazon Prime 17 Oct – 23 Oct 2016

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“A look see what s new on amazon. Prime from the 17th of october to to the 23rd of october 2016. First up is the first season of offseason. This a little drama centre.

Drawing kip called in the dead of winter. We re intrigued follows. A group of times people who discover a dead body and try to work out whether or not it was suicide season eight of kids tv. Show rat are topped has arrived there s 13 episodes here about a daring heist.

Dog at war with some rats hi writers is an action adventure from 1978. About highway. Dragsters terrorizing. The rude ways.

I mean just look at the booster hard on this one what s not to love old fashioned car. Chases and over the top stunts. Brilliant 59 at freddy s sister location is a walkthrough of the game. It s an hour and 43 minutes long so it s like a feature film.

It s a walkthrough i m doing what s new on amazon prime okay youtube vampire camp is a comedy horror film that s a feature length comedy that brags that at one best feature award at the 2013. Vampire film festival looks cheap and nasty. But has some pretty good reviews to be honest maybe tomorrow isn t a documentary about the littlest hobo in fact. It s about three strange france who finally examine our long forgotten crime and covered up and how it affected the course of their lives.

I wish it was about the littlest hobo ingrid bergman in her own words is a feature length documentary about the swedish actress and her rise to fame more about the woman as opposed to her celebrity status. This is a thoughtful and well layered celebration of a talented actress who is becoming a forgotten icon wanderlust with paul rudd and jennifer aniston is a comedy about a couple who move out to the middle of nowhere to live off the land would be sort of hippie types. I ve seen this and i remember nothing about it that s so good seal of approval there amazon prime do you like to put in some alternative forms of entertainment and short films documentaries and i usually don t include them. However this one i will say something about because it s three hours long it s insomnia.

A sleepy. It it s a calming naturally ambien signed collection without music for babies children s and adults. It s a need for men women and kids who have sleepless nights to fall asleep listening to the signs of relaxing. Waterfalls.

And can also be used for things like yoga. Meditation and other peaceful activity. Alternatively. You could put on my video.

About what s new in amazon. Prime. 3. Km.

Home is a wartime drama from 1950. Chronicling..

The true story of agnes newton. Keith s imprisonment in several japanese prisoner of war camps in 1941 at the end of world war two why she was separated from her husband. And her young son and the many difficulties. She had to face.

Sweet poison is a tv movie from 1991. Starring. Steven bauer. About a convict on the run from the law.

Who kidnaps. A couple who are on their way to a funeral. He finds out he s got more than he bargained for when he realizes the man s sexy wife is falling for him. 59 middle.

Lin is about a murderous love triangle that leaves adopted 10 year old twins. Without parents. Ten years after the incident happens at the age of 20 that the twins decide to reach out and reunite with their biological ukrainian fam decent horror movie time on amazon prime with poltergeist the original 1982 horror comedy produced by steven spielberg about a family whose home is invaded by otherworldly forces. Colin.

Some professionals to deal with it this is a good old fashioned deity style horror film. It terrified me as a child however watching it again recently. I realized just how funny it actually is it s got a lot of good laughs worth checking out if you haven t seen here. What is this dolphin tale story harry connick jr.

Ashley judd. Kris kristofferson morgan freeman and directed by charles martin smith. Why have i never heard of this before this is the story of a boy and a dolphin whose tail is caught in a crab trap. And believe it or not the entire cast got back together.

Again three years later for a sequel. What rising undead is also known as rise of the undead. This is a typical zombie movie from 2005 and according to their views. It has absolutely new redeeming factors.

It s just plain boring. Other folks have gone on to say steer clear of this crap board rising a pretentious little crop. This cheese stinks on one person who thought it was a creepy sinister little flick according to the plot. The apocalypse has arrived seven strangers escaped a fiery blast that has engulfed the city refuges find an abandoned government building trapped with nowhere to go they soon realize that they are not alone.

Something sinister hidden in the shadows is slowly killing them off one by one a game of survival has begun become the hunter or become the hunted the first season of versailles has arrived in 1667. Twenty eight year old all powerful king of france louis. The fourteenth decides to build the greatest palace in the world versailles. But draining budgets affairs and political intrigues complicate things i walk.

Among the tombstones is a 2014 thriller. With liam neeson..

Doing his tickin type. Thing. If you like that kind of film. This is one for you he plays.

A private investigator. Who is hired by a drug trafficker to find out who kidnapped and murdered his wife it s pretty darn good it s better than the likes of non stop and has some decent action sequences within a fun saturday evening view if you ask me ordinarily i would pond this sort of thing. However. It s called toxic apocalypse and one person has described it as street trash with a bit of guy ritchie pneus to it featuring gangsters toxic ovals shitty agents killer klein s badly dressed desperado chavs could this be and unheard of jam probably not but it s on my radar terminal island.

Yes yes. It s terminal island a woman in prison. Camp movie is very notable for one reason. It s one of tom selleck s first films and worth checking like just for that it s actually quite a good women to prison movie.

If that s your thing. It s got good amount of nudity and explosions check it out the girl in the cornfield looks to be another low rent horror film here on amazon prime about three young women traveling along a dark country road who encounter a mysterious girl in white dress. Who turns out to be far more than she seems looks cheap and nasty. And there s actually a bit of trivia on the imdb that says that the director noticed.

The star of this film and thought she looked a bit like ashley bell. The star of the last exorcism and cast her pure lil not not acting ability so a surreal horror film called delusion three years after the death of frank s wife. A mysterious woman appears their attraction. Grooves frank struggles with reality on his own loss.

And he tries to start over not knowing his choices could lead him to his own downfall. You can watch it and let me know if it s any good season. One of our classes on amazon prime about a group of teenagers who want to be unique and famous. But don t always have the drive to get there such rubbish night of the where rooster is not poultrygeist or it doesn t even look to be on any level near poultrygeist this is an action horror comedy.

Our boat something is killing people in the woods something covered in feathers that s all they re going to give you as a plot synopsis. I m guessing it s a where rooster. It s probably cheap and nasty ink from 2009. This has actually been on my to watch list before i can t remember where and why i didn t watch.

It it s got some pretty good reviews. I have to say it s about a mysterious creature known as ink that steals a child s soul in the hope of using it as a bargaining chip to join the incubi. The group of supernatural beings responsible for creating nightmares. It s described as it s a wonderful life meets sin city and honesty looks like a very interesting.

Film. Frame is a fantasy drama about two strangers who find themselves colliding in an impossible. Way alex is a one works for a dangerous cartel. The other is a paramedic trying to save the world while running from her past one person s describe.

This as an outstanding piece of filmmaking iced tea. Difficult to track down a negative review of this the legend of black annie is a film based on an urban legend it starts in the late 60s when a group of boys accidentally kill a young girl..

Her mother practices. The art of voodoo and acts revenge upon them and anyone involved in the cover up a local college professor. Investigates. The tail and an attempt to uncover the truth fairly rubbish reviews online.

I can t say you should really bother yourself watching this sort of thing richie rich one of those films from the 90s. The involved in the rise of macaulay culkin month and date. The fall of macaulay culkin. This is actually a bit of a cult classic amongst.

The youth of the time a bit like i guess space jam or something like that it s not great. But the youngsters might get a bit of a kick out of it to be honest. There s far better things for them to be watching these days a post private benjamin pre wildcats goldie hahn comedy called protocol that i never actually heard of before. But i d like to go and watching my cuz it s the kind of thing that i do enjoy mainstream 80s comedy about the sweet unsophisticated sunny who is working as a cocktail waitress she saves.

A visiting dignitary and as a reward gets a top office job in washington she has to fight against the devious protocol officer. But with her charms. She saves. The day and then gets involves in an arms deal with an arab country sounds entirely plausible for an 80s comedy.

Something along the lines of brewster s millions. It s probably a reason. Why i haven t heard of it before. But it s goldie hawn.

So i ll probably give it a go young adam looks to be one of those indie flicks that you mcgregor made in between the bigger flicks. Where he tend to show us a lot a lot too this one s got tilda swinton. I m peter mullan in there as well about a young drifter working on a river barge. Who disrupts his employers lives while hiding the fact that he knows more about a dead woman found in the river than he admitted amazon original series for kids wishin poof about a little girl called bianca who can do magic e things fun time western starring humphrey bogart look alike lash larue pioneer justice is a story as the story of two characters who tracked on the leader of a group of varmints trying to drive the law abiding ranches out of the far west uninvited looks like a ghastly tale from 1988.

Starring george kennedy about a mutated cat that strays aboard a yacht owned by a wealthy criminal. Two beautiful women adopt the cuddly creature unaware that the killer kitty houses a diamond inside its mouth sounds awful. But to be entirely honest it looks a lot more appealing than any of the other more modern horror drac that amazon prime seems to be collecting mob queen. Looks like a rather unfunny comedy from 2002 whereby in an effort to guillen fever to low level gangsters hire a prostitute for their boss s birthday.

But it turns out to be a rather bad move when the to discover that the beautiful hooker is actually a transvestite and the mob boss has fallen in love with her signs and looks. Awful and disrespectful. Two of the five jack reed movies are now available on amazon prime. I was remember these is a staple of any video store there how they had a smattering of these taking up a number of different shelves.

They were tv movies. Featuring brian dennehy as a tough detective called jack reed as he went out and bottled the bad guys. The first one here and third in the series a search for justice is about jack reed investigating the brutal murder of a stripper while he deals with corruption and bureaucracy in his own department. The second is deadly justice the fourth unpin ultimate entry about reed taking a young woman into his care.

Only to find out that she is being targeted by unknown assassins from what i believe this is a fairly tight series. I lost i haven t seen them it s a series..

I would like to visit when i retire more tv movie heaven this time with jeff a every woman s dream also starring kim cattrall about a young woman who believes she has married the man of her dreams. Without suspecting her husband is leading a double life when his lies go sour. He makes a deadly turn to a life of crime. Billed as a crime drama.

This tv movie from the late 90s is actually a bit of a comedy as well. But just expect a little bit of skin alegria performance from jeff a that remake of the nightmare on elm street is on amazon prime where they get rid of robert englund and put in jackie earle haley. A competent actor. But the whole movie is just terrible.

Don t don t go. There. Ninjas vs zombies. Yet another versus movies out there.

However this one says. It is a blood soaked. Hilarious geekfest. 3.

Lovable losers are granted the power of the ninja to defend the world against the zombie hordes and their evil master in this blood soaked laughs. I lloyd action horror comedy apparently this is part of of ninja vs trilogy. So there s going to be three films to avoid. Wild bill is a british gangster drama directed by dexter fletcher about a dude autumn parole after eight years inside the joint he returns home to find his 9 11.

And 15 year old sons abandoned by their mother. I m fending for themselves actually upload scription actually sounds quite interesting first of two recommendations this week it s grizzly this 18 foot tall 2000. Points sword is rummaging through a state park rampaging for human prey whilst the ranger and his man must stop the on slowing slaughter grizzly was one of the highest grossing independent films in 1976. Very much inspired by jaws and is actually pretty good doesn t get anywhere near the respect.

It deserves and i find the trivia surrounding the sequel. Quite interesting that stars charlie sheen and george clooney. But they never quite finished the movie. But you could find that out there if you search hard enough and the big recommendation.

If you haven t already seen. It is spotlight. This is a drama that tells the astonishing true story of the boston globe s pulitzer prize winning spotlight team who are investigative journalists who in 2002 shocked the world by exposing the catholic church s systematic cover up of widespread pedophilia perpetrated by over 70 local priests went on to become a worldwide phenomenon and the film was adorned with all kinds of awards. Gravitas and comes away with some of the most extreme emotional reactions from audience.

I implore you to watch this so a few interesting things to sit down on watch on amazon prime this week. But be sure to check out what s new on netflix. ” ..


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