What Your Favorite Fire Emblem: Three Houses Character Says About YOU!

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” re sexually attracted to cardboard same thing is mailed eyeless. But more likely to actually actually molest a cardboard cutout you pre ordered the game. You realize. The palutena fan has been running dry since ultimate released and decided to jack off to a substitute.

You re impatient. Which leads you to sympathize with their personality and also click on the featured student teacher porn on the first page of pornhub. You dream of having a teacher like him to make up for your educational misery. But no it won t happen you watch t man.


The bad one reminds you a family guy you read his name in a peter griffin voice you know what goes here you don t want to admit it but you know flames got your on twitter or let s play um you like wood carving and fishing you ran away from your daughter. Wait hold on you share a japanese voice actor hiromi here you be you have a femme dom fetish and wouldn t mind being shot by one of her arrows as long as it smells like her sweat. You frequently post about how fanus was right extremely horny you look like him after several visits to hot topic and you re definitely following belle delphine stay away she s mine mine. I am.

Ferdinand. Von eyre you don t leave your room much either do you you watch modern nickelodeon. I m so sorry for your loss. You re intelligent.


So why are you watching this shit show. You accidentally switched the game language and can t figure out how to turn it back so you relate to her if only you knew what she was saying hey scooter shh. Do a kickflip wow you played blue lions. He s literally impossible to hate.

Which one of you fuckers hates to do you ve never had a girlfriend and think a 2 week relationship works like a marriage in the 1960s. You ve used the term soft boy to describe people. Including him you filthy tumbler archon. You like the song you mashed through every cut seein.


Judge characters on appearance alone. You pick golden deer just for him and compared to the rest of them. He seems perfect you value somebody with severe brain damage. It makes you look better.

He s big stupid and lovable like a panda or the titanic you re 10 hours into your golden deer plate there and she s been carrying the entire time you like somebody submissive for entirely sexual reasons. You monster. You ve given up on finding love and at this point are reaching for the lowest common denominator. She s nasty.


But you whoa mama. He can t get he can t keep getting away. ” ..


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