Windows LTSC The Best Version of Windows 10

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“In this video. We re covering windows 10 lts c. And i gotta tell you you right now. It is the best version of windows not an opinion.

It just is however there s a lot of caveats to it most people choose this because they want a faster lighter weight. Windows. That doesn t constantly change with updates and lts c fits. That bill.

However again there s some things that you should know about it so that s what i m talking about in this video. I m gonna go over licensing how much it costs how to get the licenses even as a one man band you can do it and i ll actually show you how to do that and give you links to that and then also how to properly download. And install maybe an evaluation to see maybe if this is for you and then thirdly some things you can t do in lts c. Or really shouldn t do if you re gonna use your system.

Like this you probably don t want lts c. So with all that let s go ahead and jump into this video. This video is brought to you by plural sight. I ve used them to learn citrix xenapp windows server and linux administration click the link in the description and learn your skill today so first let s get some confusing terms.

Out of the way with windows. 10. Lts c. Or lts b.

You ve probably seen. These acronyms changed interchangeably. That s because they re the same thing for the most part actually it started out lts c. Didn t exist when windows 10 came out it was called lts b or long term servicing branches.

What it was still stood for 2015 and 2016. It was lts b in 2017 microsoft changed. It and rebranded. The long term servicing branch.

To long term servicing channel. Hints lts c. And that s basically why you see both these terms. Kind of interchange.

So please note. If you have one of these licenses. It s probably good for all of it just know that that s why you see both of these acronyms now let s get into licensing now down in the description. I put links to three different resellers of microsoft don t just get on the website and purchase these licenses.

Because guess. What microsoft licensing is beyond confusing being an it manager and director for the past 15 years. I can tell you right now. It s really confusing to me still and guess what i don t even go through all this thing.


I just go to the channel that reseller call them up and say hey i need a microsoft licensing specialist and then i say okay this is what i m doing these are the licenses. I need they go ahead and give me the agreement and set all of it up for me to where i can just type these numbers in and go. But don t just willy nilly start buying stuff off cdfw or pro vantage. It s not a good plan.

Even if you have a wholesaler account set up you want to be talking to a human because microsoft licensing is confusing. And i think they do this on purpose. So please know that this is kind of getting into it now how much money are you gonna spend well that just depends if you re a business or you re buying five or more of these licenses. The license themselves typically run about three hundred dollars and these are upgrade licenses meaning.

You actually already need to have windows 10 installed on the machine typically an oem. Install and then you would do this upgrade license to fully install windows 10. So. Please note.

This is how you would actually install windows 10 lt. Sc servicing branch. Let s say you don t need five of these windows 10 installs for your setup. Most people don t you can actually do what s called identity manager because all you really need is five cows to establish a volume licensing agreement microsoft hints why i put that other link down there and said 4x because most people just want one license.

So you can buy one of the 300 one and then four of these identity managers. Which run about ten bucks. So overall. You ll probably be out about 340 350.

For a full legit license. Now most people in the section. That recommended me cover this video. Which i ve always just been like i don t want to because most people are never gonna do this however.

It is the best option. I do have a point and i gotta say most people pirate. It and when that comes to bing. I m gonna say right now don t do this never ever use a pirated os.

I don t care if it s linux. I don t care well linux is free so you re idiot if you pirate that but if you re using windows. Obviously don t ever use a pirated because most these have backdoors and viruses that are built into the system. When their images are established and then they give them out for free and then you can be used as a botnet or zombie.

There s a whole bunch of bad things that can happen to you by using pirated os s don t ever ever do this so with that out of the way let s go ahead and move forward know the licensing you re gonna lose a couple hours of your life talking on the phone getting this set up getting your legit volume licensing agreement. It s nasty they send you you about three or four pages to sign this agreement send it back you get verified and then off you go yes you can do it it s just a pain. But it may be worth it so with all that out of the way. Let s go ahead flip over on the desktop and start installing lts c.

Now. I m using the evaluation version here and i already have a volume license agreement so i don t actually technically need to go out and do all this first step. Which is kind of nice. Most people don t already have a volume license agreement like i already do so i can do sample installs and a lot of other things to get this going.


Now. I used to be a technic member before they think discontinued. It and that was kind of nice you could actually get in i think around 2015. I actually got a lot of the long term servicing branches volume license keys from technet.

But they since discontinued that program otherwise. I d refer you over that for licensing. But with that let s go ahead jump on the desktop and start installing lt sc 2019 windows 10 and showing you a lot of differences okay we re gonna start our install. Here this is your typical lts install so we ll go ahead and fly through this now.

I m gonna speed everything up so here not gonna sit here watching me install lt. Sc for 30 minutes chose all the default options there for windows so from here. I m gonna go ahead and fast forward probably. Ten thousand percent.

All right here. We go we re gonna go ahead and hit restart. Okay so we re finally to our install. So let s see if you can notice any differences between the actual setup and that of your pro and home versions.

Okay so then we get sign in with microsoft now this is the 2019 edition. The prior versions. 2016. And 2015.

Did not have this which was kind of nice however we don t want to do a microsoft account. Let s say. We just want to go domain. Join.

Instead and then we ll just. Say. Who s using this will just say. Ms.

Acc sucks and then a super memorable password which we re just gonna hit enter on this one because we re just gonna basically usually just leave this along now don t want any activity history and we ll go ahead and leave all this on it doesn t really matter we re gonna run oh no shut up after we get in here and she s gonna disable all that stuff anyways all right so here we go we have the lts evaluation. We re on a 90 day trial. Now the very first thing i want to go ahead. And say is this isn t like holman pro.

If you let that 90 days go you re not just gonna get a crappy watermark. This thing is old school like windows 7. And and even windows 8. Did a little bit when it came to if after these 90 days you ll get a black screen.

No wallpaper. It ll say. This is not a genuine license and then it will literally shut down your pc. Every hour.


So every one hour it ll just shut off after you ve gone past your license. So don t think you can use a 90 day evaluation. You need a valid product key so for first thing second thing look how clean down the hair is you ll notice there s no candy crush there s no cortana search. There s no microsoft store.

This is bare bones. There s no edge all these things have been stripped out and it makes this so much faster. So this is pretty awesome out of the gate. However with that said.

You don t have those things so there s certain things that just won t work such as gears of war. 5. It uses the microsoft store and you need that functionality to go ahead and activate. But this will still run.

Very well for a vast majority of games out there. And you ll see a lot more performance out of an lt. Sc because they re just a lot less crap in it so that s why lts seized. So darn powerful but at the same time you don t have these other features or features as some people call them i call them bloat.

But you know teaches own and also the update cycle is a lot different like if we go into our updates and we go into advanced options you ll notice. There s no advanced field two days basically. Take your updates and delay them. Because guess what it s doing it automatically.

There is no feature updates for this thing. This is what you get and it ll just stay this way for a very long time and i think it s every two years is its release cycle. And then on top of that your security updates are a little delayed as well. So this is the most stable branch.

Out in existence for windows 10. So you don t have to worry about your updates just firing off at all weird times. Anymore either. Which is really really nice so with this it s pretty much ready to go we can go ahead and get in here.

A couple things to note as far as its actual hard drive or hardware compatibility. It does not guarantee. The latest and greatest hardware will work. Sometimes you might have to go back and hunt for drivers and these types of things because it just may not exist right out of the box.

This doesn t have all that compatibility baked in like the pro and home versions. Do and likewise certain online. Only microsoft account type applications such as office 365. Also don t really work all that well or not guaranteed to work and support wise.

I ve tried to use a 365 account on here. I was successful after some hacking around on it. But i wouldn t recommend it i d rather just go to a straight version of office. Install it whether that s office 2013 16.


Or 19. You know pick your poison whatever you got for a license. You can toss that on here for an office version and you re not constantly updating it either so. That s really what this is geared towards that i wanted to just kind of stipulate.

These things do i love this version of windows 10. Not really. But at the same time. I understand it very well it s great for business.

It s excellent for that but for gamers. And things. It s kind of a mixed bag. Because there s certain things from pro and home that many gamers do use so you know i just want to go ahead and throw this out here because so many people say lts c.

Is the absolute solution for everything in for some. People. It may not be well. There.

You have it windows. 10 lts c. One of the best. If not the best microsoft windows versions.

Again be wary is doesn t come with poor cortana. It doesn t come with microsoft store. It doesn t come with a lot of that stuff so if you re doing a lot of games and apps through the windows store. This isn t really for you and if you re installing it using like powershell or something of that nature just use the pro version.

I mean you re gonna blow it up and cause all kinds of issues. It s not worth doing it on lt. Sc. But with all that said.

Let me know your thoughts down in the comments section. I m always curious to see how this turns out most people. I think really love lts. See once you get it going which in my opinion.

It s worth doing especially if you re gonna stay on windows 10 or you re moving from windows 7 to windows 10. It s gonna be a lot more enjoyable. You re not gonna have all the hassle of the constant updates and a lot of the changing of the system. It s a far more consistent experience and honestly i think this is how windows 10 to the average customer.

But microsoft has gone a completely different direction so with all that a big shout out to all my patreon. Without you i couldn t make videos like this one. And i ll see you in ” ..


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