XBOX ONE Accessibility – Narrator – The Blind Life

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“The last video. We talked about the magnifier on xbox one today we re going going to talk about the narrator hey guys. It s sam with the blind life in my last video. I showed you guys how to turn on the magnifying option in the accessibility options for the xbox.

One today. We re gonna talk about the narrator. So once again first we have to get into the accessibility settings and ease of access. It s all the way down at the bottom on the left.


And the one we re looking for is narrator. The very first one in the list now you can turn narrator on but before we do that let s look at some of these other options you have controller shortcuts keyboard shortcuts and then the warn me when narrator turns on so we want to check out the controller shortcuts. Here now in here. It gives you a layout a breakdown of what the buttons do and there s two options here so you can investigate that further.

But it does tell us how to quickly turn on the narrator. So we re going to go ahead. And do that we can just turn it on here if we want it to. But i want to try the quick way so once again to turn on either the magnifier or the narrator.


You re gonna long press on the windows button here at the top of your controller. Just like you were gonna go in to turn off the console or turn off the controller. Now we have some some cues over here. If i push the menu button which i always call it the select button it will turn on the magnifier and then the magnifier works.

But if i turn if i click the start button. Which is to the bottom and to the right of the big xbox button in dialogue. Do you want to turn on narrator narrator is a screen reader that reads text buttons and other items on your screen out loud no button one of three so i m gonna right now it s on no i m gonna click to the right yes button and then i m gonna click on the a button to uh presume launch netflix press the menu button for more options button one of four so it s just like voiceover just like talkback on an android device or narrator on your windows device recently used launch minecraft press the menu button launch destiny press the menu button from headline channel 1 online 24seven button now a mixer section 1 of 6 so a lot of your buttons still work it s just reading everything out loud to you resume launch one city alex dialog. What do you want to do close button exiting narrator and once again to turn it off long press the xbox button and press that button to the bottom right of the xbox button the start button.


I just wanted to really quickly show that the narrator doesn t read in game text. Unfortunately so right now the narrator is turned on. But it s not reading any of this so if i ve moved my highlighted box around it s not reading anything it only reads the xbox console text so if i push my xbox button guy tap my games and s minecraft press menu button for more off the settings netflix destiny to press menu button for more options button it will read all of that but it won t read in game text at least. I haven t found any that it will read yet dialog well exiting narrator.

There you go guys quick look at the narrator on the xbox. One and the xbox one s. Do you have any more questions. Let me know down below.


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We ll see you next time. ” ..

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